Alumni survey for the further development of the degree programmes

In order to further develop its own degree programmes, the Faculty of Transport Sciences “Friedrich List” cordially invites its graduates to take part in a 15-minute online survey until the end of May. Participants will be asked anonymously about the content of their studies and their professional life.

The background to the survey is to analyse the suitability of the degree programmes to the occupations they later take up: Are graduates well prepared for the professional world? Should important contents and competences be expanded in the degree programme? Can less important content be reduced?

The results of the survey are used for programme development and student marketing. Not only the students will benefit from the results through an even better education, but also the companies, which will be able to hire even more suitably trained professionals from our faculty in the future.
Please support us:

Are you a graduate of our faculty? Please support us by taking part in the approx. 15-minute survey at:

The Faculty of Transport Sciences “Friedrich List” thanks you very much in advance.