Book exchange

Book exchange

Are you looking for inexpensive books for the new semester or have you noticed that your old university books are just gathering dust on the shelf? Our book exchange will help you!

This is how the FSR book exchange works:

Sale: The FSR supports you in passing on books. To do this, you can come to the FSR office in POT 12 and submit your print media to be resold to the book exchange. To do this, you fill out a form, of which you receive a section as confirmation.

If one of your books is sold, you will be notified at the e-mail address provided, or you can simply drop by from time to time.
The FSR collects the money from the buyer and pays it out commission-free to the seller against the return of the receipt.

Purchase: If you are interested in a book, you can simply look in on the office and browse through the available books or check out the offer on this website. If you are interested, you can buy the book directly at the FSR and take it with you immediately. The FSR will then pass the money on to the seller.

Current offers

You can find our current offers on the corresponding German webpage.