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Recent articles

  • First version of the timetables for the summer semester published
    The Deanery has now uploaded a first version of the timetables on their website, which you can find here: We would have liked to make the schedules available to you earlier, but we have to wait for the faculty to publish the schedules and correct any errors they contain. Unfortunately, the schedules that have now […]
  • We want YOU as POT re-designer
    The time has come: our Potthoff-Bau is finally to be freshened up and redesigned on the inside. We students will have a voice in deciding exactly what the POT will look like and how it will be designed in the future. To do this, a working group with employees, professors and students is being set […]
  • Trial lectures for filling the professorship “Railway Operations”
    Next week, on Tuesday, March 14 and on Wednesday, March 15, there will be trial lectures for filling the professorship “Railway Operations” (successor to Prof. König). All students of our faculty are cordially invited to listen to the lectures of the new lecturer applicants and to form their own opinion. The lectures will take place […]
  • Student Program Coordinators wanted
    The new term of office for student Program Coordinators begins on 1 April. They have the task of working on quality assurance and improvement in their respective degree programme and are also the first point of contact for students with problems in their degree programme. If you are interested in becoming a Program Coordinator for […]
  • Guest lecture on 24.02. on the “Deutschlandtakt”
    On 24 February 2023 at 10:00 a.m. there will be a guest lecture of the Chair of Railway Transport, Public Urban and Regional Transport on the topic “Deutschlandtakt – Development of Railway Planning in Germany” by Mr. Frederik Ropelius, Director of SMA und Partner AG Zurich. The Deutschlandtakt concept starts with the timetable and derives […]