Program Coordinators

Program Coordinators

The Program Coordinators

Within the framework of the university-wide quality management, there are so-called program coordinators. They are the link between the FSR and the students. First and foremost, they deal with all matters concerning the study program. This includes all questions and problems of current and future students concerning the course of studies and the study design. In addition, they are the faculty’s evaluation officers and are involved in the program accreditation process. Their presence as a guest in the Studienkommission ensures short lines of communication.

For each study program there is one teacher and one student responsible. (List here)
The official job description of the program coordinators can be found here. Students who are not elected members of the FSR can also serve as program coordinators.

Student program coordinator VIW:

Student program coordinator VWI Bachelor:

Student program coordinator VWI Master:

Student program coordinator BSI:

Student program coordinator LuLo:

Student program coordinator EVS: