Withdrawal due to illness – Information of the student members of the examination board

Dear students,

for the engineering degree programmes (VIW, BSI, EVS, LuLo) the modalities for withdrawing from exams in case of illness have changed this semester. Previously it was sufficient to submit a certificate of incapacity for work (“yellow sick note”), now a medical certificate is required. Since some questions and uncertainties have arisen regarding this topic in recent days, we, as student members of the joint examination board for traffic engineering, would like to present our view of the current regulation here:

  • The form published by the Examinations Office is merely a recommendation by the university and is not to be regarded as compulsory.
  • The naming of symptoms of illness is neither required in the examination regulations nor in the resolution of the examination board of 31.01.. Furthermore, such a regulation outside of a law passed by parliament would be constitutionally doubtful, as also described by the Scientific Service of the Bundestag.
  • A certificate of incapacity for work is not valid for withdrawing from examinations.

Best wishes and good luck for the exams

Christoph Heinzelmann, Fabian Rudolph, Henrik Neun, Oke Brandenburg, Thomas Weiher, Valentin Linz and Victor Nitzsche