Association meeting of the Verkehrte Welt
Association meeting of the Verkehrte Welt

Association meeting of the Verkehrte Welt

On the first Wednesday of each month, the Verkehrte Welt meets for its regular association meeting.

The Verkehrte Welt association was founded in 2003 and has its roots in promoting international contact in transport. For this purpose we organise conferences, lectures and excursions. Small excursions, such as a visit to Dresden Central Station, take place during the semester, while we schedule our large trips abroad as well as excursions lasting several days at home and abroad during the semester break. In summer 2022, for example, we were on the road for three weeks in the Balkans, once from Split to Sofia via Sarajevo, Bar and Prishtina, to name just a few intermediate destinations.

The meeting will probably take place in room POT/13 and this BBB-room.

The following agenda is planned:

1 Report Christmas Party
2 Association weekend and general meeting
3 Others

We are looking forward to seeing you!

30.11.2023, 2. Woche
30.11.2023, 2. Week

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