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You can find an overview of all committees of our faculty on this webpage. For further Information and contact details feel free to consult the detailed pages. (The detailed pages will be available soon.)


The Studierendenrat is the highest committee of the self-government of students at our university. Usually the meetings are every 2 weeks, where topics concerning the whole faculty are discussed.
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The Fakultätsrat can be considered as the parliament of our faculty. The meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis and contain all decisions regarding our faculty. Among other things the Fakultätsrat makes the final decision on all regulations regarding studies and exams and are proposed by the Studienkommissionen. Two student members are elected by all students of our faculty.
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For every degree a Studienkommission (aka Stuko) is installed. This committee is balanced between lecturers and students. The Stuko is a consultatory commitee and proposes its results to the Fakultätsrat. Furthermore the scheduling of the evaluation of the teaching is organized in this committee. Students not elected into the FSR are also entitled to work in the Stuko.
Further Information for Stuko VIW, BSI, LuLo, EVS
Further Information for Stuko VWI (Bachelor/Master)

Examination boards

The examination boards each consist of seven members of the teaching degree programme (possibly also from an external faculty) and one student. The examination regulations form the basis for the work of this committee. It ensures that the examination regulations are always adhered to and, if there are violations, what possible solutions there are. In addition, examiners are appointed for examinations and the examination results are discussed.
Further information on the joint examination board VIW, BSI, LuLo, EVS
Further information on the VWI Bachelor’s/Master’s examination board


Some institutes installed an Institutsrat. All decisions regarding the institute are discussed in this committee. They also debate notions the members stand in for in discussions with other committees. Currently two Institutsräte are installed at the faculty in which we are allowed to send one respectively two students as members.
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In the context of the university quality management so called Studienganskoordinator:innen are a connector between the FSR and the students. First of all, their task is to deal with all issues concerning their represented course of studies. This includes all questions and problems of currently enrolled and possible future students.
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