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Master Programs (Winter Semester)

Master Programs (Winter Semester)

On this subpage you will find (all) relevant links to OPAL/E-Learning offers for the different master programs (Transport Economics, Air Transport and Logistics) known to us.

The missing links will be added bit by bit. If you find any errors, please contact us by mail or just drop by the FSR office!

1. Semester (Transportation Economics)

The following mandatory courses are scheduled for this semester:

Modul   LehrveranstaltungVerantw. Dozent Links
PFL10Operations Research and Logistics Prof. SchönbergerOPAL-Kurs; Lehrstuhlseite
PFL20Methods in Transport Economics and Policy Dr. TscharaktschiewOPAL-Kurs; Lehrstuhlseite
PFL30Spatial Economics and the EnvironmentProf. HirteOPAL-Kurs; Lehrstuhlseite
PFL40Theoretical Multivariate StatisticsProf. OkhrinOPAL-Kurs;
PFL50Mehtods in Big Data Analytics Prof. KerschkeOPAL-Kurs;
  • Fakultativer Kurs “Wissenschaftliches Schreiben”: OPAL-Kurs

More information is available in the study guide TEc on OPAL.

1st Semester (Air Transportation and Logistics (ATL))

The following mandatory courses are scheduled for this semester:

ModuleCourse nameResponsible lecturer Links   
01Operations Research and LogisticsGajewskiOPAL
02Material Flow Analysis and OptimizationPreisOPAL
03Methods in Transportation Econometrics
and Statistics
05/01Aerodynamics and Flight CharacteristicsFrickeOPAL
05/02Flight PerformanceFrickeOPAL
05/03Fundamentals of Aircraft EnginesFrickeOPAL

Advanced Elective Modules
At least 3 modules must be selected – Free elective modules could be replaced by further advanced elective modules
30Methods in Data AnalyticsKerschkeOPAL
31Theoretical Multivariate StatisticsProf. OkhrinOPAL
32Material Handling and Storage SystemsPreisOPAL

Free Elective Modules
There are more free elective Modules. You can select up to 4 of them – depending on the amount of Advanced Elective Modules with a total of 35 credit points must be selected.

Please inform yourself about other elective courses you might want to take this semester. You will also find information about some courses here on this page, as they are mandatory courses in other majors.

More information is available in the study guide ATL on OPAL.