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Examination Boards

Examination Boards

The examination boards

The examination board consists of 7 people holding lectures in the respective study programme and 2 students. The exam regulations form the basis of the work of this board. It ensures that the examination regulations are always adhered to and, if there are violations, what possible solutions there are. In addition, examiners are appointed for examinations and the examination results are discussed.

Combined examination board for Transport Engineering (VIW) , Railway System Engineering (BSI),  Air Transport and Logistics (LuLo) and Electrical Transportations Systems (EVS)

student members of the board:

  • for VIW: Victor Nitzsche (VIW 21)
  • for VIW: Magnus Markert (VIW 23)
  • for BSI: Christoph Heinzelmann (VIW 19)
  • for BSI: Juan Simón Muzás (BSI 23)
  • for ATL: Jacob Kallert (VIW 22)
  • for ATL: Henrik Neun (VIW 18)
  • for EVS: Jannis Raabe (VIW 21)
  • for EVS: Oke Brandenburg (VIW 21)

contact for VIW: by e-mail to GRP-fsrvw-pa-viw@msx.tu-dresden.de
contact for BSI: by e-mail to GRP-fsrvw-pa-bsi@msx.tu-dresden.de
contact for LuLo: by e-mail to GRP-fsrvw-pa-lulo@msx.tu-dresden.de
contact for EVS: by e-mail to GRP-fsrvw-pa-evs@msx.tu-dresden.de

professors and research assistants

  • Prof. Tibor Petzoldt (chairman)
  • Prof. Arnd Stephan (deputy chairman)
  • Prof. Hartmut Fricke
  • Prof. Oliver Michler
  • Dr. Frank Ließke
  • Dr. Susann Richter
  • Dipl.-Ing. Luise Wottke

permanent guests

  • Katrin Lindner (examination office)
  • Ines Woditschka (internship office)

Examination board Transportation Economics (Bachelor/Master)

student members of the board:

  • for bachelor: Nicolas Reuter (BSI 23) and Karsten-William Müller (Ba. VWI 23)
  • for master Verkehrswirtschaft: Paul Boße (VIW 21)
  • for master Transportation Economics: Lukas Bodi (TEc 22)

contact: by e-mail to GRP-fsrvw-pa-vwi@msx.tu-dresden.de

professors and research assistants

  • Prof. Ostap Okhrin (chairman)
  • Prof. Georg Hirte
  • Prof. Schönberger
  • Lennart Schäpermeier M.Sc. (only bachelor-board)
  • Sophie Häse M.Sc. (only master-board)

permanent guests

  • Ms Lindner (examination office)