FSR Verkehr


The Fachschaftsrat offers a wide range of services to “look after the internal, political, social and cultural interests of the students” (§ 25, (3), Satz 1 SächsHSG). It includes, among other things, material rental, the book exchange and the exam collection. Just take a look at our website or drop by the FSR office.

  • Freie Räume im POT

    Bitte wähle die Woche, für die du freie Räume suchen möchtest:

  • Equipment renting

    We offer a wide arrange of equipment, for example a barbeque or poster displays. Renting the equipment is free for the following groups:

  • Lockers

    At the moment, we don’t offer lockers. Students, who still have a key, are kindly asked to contact us by mail.