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Study Commissions

Study Commissions

For every degree a study commission (aka Stuko) is installed. This committee is balanced between lecturers and students. The Stuko is a consultatory commitee and proposes its results to the Faculty Board. Furthermore the scheduling of the evaluation of the teaching is organized in this committee. Students not elected into the FSR are also entitled to work in the Stuko.

Study Commission Transport Engineering (VIW) , Railway System Engineering (BSI),  Air Transport and Logistics (ATL), Electrical Transportations Systems (EVS)

Student members of our Faculty Students‘ Council (FSR):

  • Jasper Mörchen (VIW 20)
  • Victor Nitzsche (VIW 21)
  • Oke Brandenburg (VIW 21)
  • Jacob Kallert (VIW 22)
  • Maximilian Kittel (BSI 22)
  • Lennart Wille (VIW 23)

Contact: mail to GRP-fsrvw-stuko-viw@msx.tu-dresden.de

Professors and scientific staff:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Michler (Chairman, Study Dean)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Prokop
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Karl Nachtigall
  • Dipl.-Ing. Elke Clarus
  • Dr.-Ing. Jan Eisold
  • Dr.-Ing. Sven Hietzschold

Permanent Guests:

  • Kati Ahnert (Course Coordinator ATL)
  • Levi Stehfest (Course Coordinator BSI)
  • Justus Holzapfel (Course Coordinator VIW)
  • N.N. (Course Coordinator ATL)
  • Katrin Lindner (Examination Office)
  • Venkatesh Sreedhar (Course Coordinator EVS)
  • Ulrich Maschek (Course Coordinator BSI)
  • Konstantin Thieme (Programm-Manager)
  • Jan Pape (Course Coordinator EVS)
  • Ines Woditschka (Internship Office)
  • Katja Schulze (Teaching Quality)

Study Commission Transportation Economics (Bachelor/Master)

Student members of our Faculty Students‘ Council (FSR):

  • Lukas Doya Seybold (Ba. VWI 23)
  • Levi Stehfest (BSI 22)
  • Karsten-William Müller (Ba. VWI 23)
  • Sebastian Räuschel (TEc 22)
  • Lukas Bodi (TEc 22)
  • Laurenz Scheerschmidt (BSI 23)

Contact: mail to GRP-fsrvw-stuko-vwi@msx.tu-dresden.de

Professors and scientific staff:

  • Herr Prof. Schönberger (Chairman, Study Dean)
  • Herr Prof. Hirte
  • Herr Prof. Kerschke
  • Fabian Hart, M.Sc.
  • Kaja Mummert, M.Sc.
  • Dr. rer. pol. Andy Obermeyer

Permanent guests:

  • Katrin Lindner (Examination Office)
  • Nicolas Reuter (Student Programme Coordinator Bachelor & Masters)
  • Konstantin Thieme (Programm-Manager)
  • Katja Schulze (Teaching Quality)