12 million € waste: Stop TUD parking garage!
12 million € waste: Stop TUD parking garage!

12 million € waste: Stop TUD parking garage!

The Tuuwi invites on Friday 14.07 to a demo against a planned parking garage on the campus of the TU Dresden – that would be 12 million € wasted tax money! Because it is not even needed! This shows the mobility concept of the TU Dresden. Instead, we need convenient, cheap and safe public transport, bike paths & co! 🚲

Spread the word and bring your friends to the demo: https://tuuwi.de/parkhaus
More info here: https://t.me/+23Ta-WEL17UzOTli

We look forward to seeing you in as large numbers as possible.

Starting point: Friday 14.07.2023
14:30 – > Nürnberger Platz!

What exactly is planned and why?

Saxony’s construction management company SIB plans to build a parking garage with 400 parking spaces on the TU campus for the new buildings. Dresden’s parking space statute requires that there be sufficient parking spaces for new buildings. But these are already available – the parking garage is superfluous.

A parking garage is a bad idea

The mobility concept of the TU Dresden shows that a parking garage is not needed: the TU parking spaces are more than sufficient. Forecasts show that the 400 newly planned parking spaces in the parking garage would hardly be used. If the parking garage were built, Dresden’s fresh air supply would be cut off from the southern slope and another area on the TU campus would be built up. Moreover, a parking garage is heading in completely the wrong direction: If the same money were invested in good public transportation instead of 400 parking spaces, more TU employees would benefit: for 12 million euros, DVB could transport thousands of additional passengers every day. Many TU members need above all more regular affordable rural public transport, because today many are dependent on the car.

What do we need to achieve?

Further planning for the parking garage must be stopped immediately! Instead, we need convenient and affordable public transport in Saxony, especially in the countryside! This must be affordable (job ticket, semester ticket). For this the rectorate must make itself strong.

The city of Dresden should revise its parking space statutes and traffic planning: in Dresden, too, we need good public transport and safe cycling infrastructure, instead of too many parking spaces and streets that are too wide according to outdated predictions.