Promotion of measures in the field of sustainability

Promotion of measures in the field of sustainability

For the second time, the Commission for the Environment invites applications for funding of measures in the field of sustainability at TU Dresden. Every member of the university can submit measures, but needs a supporting member in the Commission for the Environment. If you have any questions or are looking for a supporting member of the Commission for the Environment, please contact Alexandra Seifert from the Green Office.


Objective and framework conditions for the application:

The Commission for the Environment (KU) advises the Rectorate on all matters relating to the environment and sustainability. It is made up of representatives from the faculties, administration and students. The KU develops recommendations on goals and measures for an environmentally friendly and sustainable university and drafts concepts on how these topics can be consistently implemented at TU Dresden.

The members of TU Dresden are expressly encouraged to actively participate in the shaping of an environmentally sound and sustainable university. For the implementation of their own measures in the field of environment and sustainability, they can apply for financial support using this form. The applicant will receive funding from KU if the submitted proposal is included in the Commission’s annual catalogue of measures. A jury consisting of KU representatives evaluates the submitted applications in this regard.
The KU would like to promote innovative measures to support the ecologically sustainable development of TU Dresden, e.g. through

  • Measures that anchor aspects of ecological sustainability such as greenhouse gas reduction and resource conservation in the structures and processes of TU Dresden.
  • Measures that make research and teaching more ecologically sustainable
  • Measures that raise awareness for sustainable action at the TU Dresden
  • Events in the area of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  • Development of digital solutions to support sustainable action at TU Dresden
  • Measures for mutual knowledge and technology transfer with society on topics related to ecological sustainability
  • Cooperation and measures to promote ecologically sustainable development, e.g. with organisations such as the SLUB, the Studentenwerk, DRESDEN-concept or the state capital Dresden
  • Measures to develop ecologically sustainable offerings on campus, especially to make research and teaching more attractive

Measures can be applied for up to three years, starting in 2023. A follow-up application is possible. A total of approximately €100,000 is available per year for all approved measures. As a rule, projects are funded in the amount of 500€ – 15,000€; in exceptional cases, higher funding can be approved. Funding for projects lasting several years is possible, but an annual interim report is mandatory.

The application must be endorsed and co-signed by a member of the Environment Commission. The list of members can be found at For further information, please also contact the office of the Commission on the Environment at or by telephone at 463-33095.

Closing date / deadline 2022 is 31.8.2022.

The application including the text of the call for proposals can also be found at