Gremienmitglieder für das kommende Jahr gesucht
Gremienmitglieder für das kommende Jahr gesucht

Gremienmitglieder für das kommende Jahr gesucht

Now that the results of this year’s FSR elections have been officially announced, the new FSR will be constituted on 8 January 2024. At this meeting, the FSR will also elect people who will represent the students of our faculty on various committees in the coming year. You are cordially invited to stand for election and take a place on a committee. This is possible for all committees in the following list, even if you have not been elected to the FSR:

  • StuRa representative and StuRa substitute representative (one person each)
  • Study Commission for Transport Engineering, Railway Systems Engineering, Air Transport and Logistics, Electrical Transport Systems (six persons)
  • Study Commission for Transport Economics, Transportation Economics (six persons)
  • Railway Systems Engineering Examination Board (two persons)
  • Examination Board Electrical Transport Systems (two persons)
  • Examination Board Air Transport and Logistics (two persons)
  • Examination Board Transportation Economics (one person)
  • Examination Board for Transport Engineering (two persons)
  • Examination Board Transport Economics Bachelor (two persons)
  • Examination Board Transport Economics Master (one person)
  • Institute Council for Transport Planning and Road Traffic (two persons)
  • Institute Council for Economics and Transport (two persons)

Unfortunately all the committees meet in German. To run for one of these committees, please register in the corresponding OPAL course. Registration there is open until 8 January 2024 at 7 pm (one hour before the start of the meeting). Enrolment for the FSR Speaker’s Office and Finance Office also takes place in the OPAL course, but this is only possible for elected FSR members.

When you enrol, the OPAL course will contain brief descriptions of the respective positions so that you can find out how the respective committees work and what they are responsible for. The current members of the committees will also be happy to provide you with more detailed information (you can find the contact email addresses on the respective website) or you can simply contact us by email or in person at the FSR office.

We look forward to your candidature!