“Kompass Hauptstudium”
“Kompass Hauptstudium”

“Kompass Hauptstudium”

The Online-Link: https://bbb.tu-dresden.de/b/chr-r3p-moe-kh6

At the end of the fourth semester, every VIW student is faced with the choice of a major field of study. As every year, we do not leave the students of traffic engineering alone with this future-oriented decision, but offer a lot of information with “Kompass Hauptstudium” thanks to the active support of Spätverkehr and the faculty. Whether you are completely at a loss, have a certain preference for a field of study or have already made up your mind, we want to provide everyone with useful details about entering the main study programme.

This year Kompass Hauptstudium will take place on Monday, 05.06. in the 5th DS, on Tuesday 06.06. in the 5th DS and on 13.06. in the 6th DS in presence in the Drawing Room (POT/168).

This year, Kompass Hauptstudium consists of three events. Once again, there will be lectures by 8th semester students and graduates of the respective specialisation, as well as lectures by the heads of the specialisations. If they do not answer all your questions, you can post your questions in the forum and we will try to answer them satisfactorily.

In addition, there will be two information events organised by the faculty. The first, on Thursday 22 June in the 2nd DS in POT/168, will be about exchange and study opportunities abroad, while the second event will be about transferring to the new study regulations and will take place on Tuesday 27 June in the 6th DS in POT/168.

Monday, 05 June 202314:50-16:20POT-168Presentation of the specialisations by the heads of the study programmes
Tuesday, 06 June 202314:50–16:20POT-168Presentation of the specialisations by students of the 8th semester
Tuesday, 13 June 202316:40–18:10POT-168Prospects after graduation – graduates look back on their specialisations and talk about their professional life
Thursday, 22 June 20239:20-10:50 POT-168Information event on exchange and study opportunities abroad by Dr Krieg and Dr Schade
Tuesday, 27 June 202316:40–18:10POT-168Information event on transferring to the new study regulations

For more information, content, links and slides please enrol in the following OPAL course: https://bildungsportal.sachsen.de/opal/auth/RepositoryEntry/39924334592

We look forward to seeing you there!