Teaching Award 2024: We are looking for your nominations!
Teaching Award 2024: We are looking for your nominations!

Teaching Award 2024: We are looking for your nominations!

Our faculty’s teaching award is going into a new round! For the third time we would like to award two teachers for their outstanding courses in the last year.

Two teaching prizes will be awarded this year:

  • the first one to a lecturer in undergraduate teaching
    (undergraduate programme in Transport Engineering or Bachelor of Transport Economics)
  • the second one to a lecturer in advanced teaching
    (advanced degree programme in Transport Engineering, Master’s degree programmes)

The teaching award, endowed with €250 each, is expected to be conferred on Faculty Day on 8 November 2024.

The award procedure will take place in two stages this year. In the first stage, you can nominate people and corresponding courses, that you have listened to in the past winter semester or are currently listening to in the summer semester, until 13 July. We will then select the most nominated from these nominations. In the second step, you can vote until 26 July to hold a run-off vote between these nominees.

From the result of this run-off vote, we as the FSR Verkehr will form a ranking for the award based on the ratio between the number of participants in the event and the nominations of the teacher, which we will present to the Faculty Council for a decision.

We look forward to a high response rate so that the teaching award is highly meaningful and the quality of teaching at our faculty can be sustainably improved based on the results.

The survey can only be completed once. If you have any questions about the form, please contact us at fsrverkehr@tu-dresden.de.

Thank you for taking part!
Your FSR Verkehr and your student representatives in the Faculty Council