Teaching prize Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences 2022
Teaching prize Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences 2022

Teaching prize Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences 2022

This year, for the first time, the faculty student council (FSR Verkehr) and the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences “Friedrich List” are offering a teaching prize to honor particularly outstanding teaching.

Together with the dean’s office of our faculty, we decided in April in the faculty council that there will be, initially limited to three years, a prize endowed with 250€, which will be awarded annually to two teachers:

  • to a teacher in undergraduate teaching
    (undergraduate transportation engineering or bachelor transportation economics)
  • to a teacher in the advanced teaching
    (main studies in transportation engineering or master studies)

Teaching awards will be presented on Faculty Day, which this year will be November 11.

Process flow:

  1. Pre-selection by the FSR Verkehr
    • Survey students for best course, instructor, and brief explanation by 07/29/2022 in an OPAL course.
    • Ranking of the courses and teachers to be awarded based on the results of the survey, taking into account the size of the course (ratio to the number of participants)
    • Justification of the proposal of the 3 best rated courses per category based on the student evaluations from the OPAL course.
  2. Decision in the faculty council
    • Submission of the ranking and justifications by the FSR Verkehr
    • Award of teaching prize to 1 out of 3 per category by voting.

Other determinations:

  • Teaching imports, i.e. courses offered by other faculties in our department (e.g. mathematics), will be considered. Teaching exports, i.e. courses offered by teaching staff of our faculty to students of other faculties, on the other hand, cannot be considered.
  • A teaching award will be given again to the same teacher after 3 years at the earliest (repetition block in favor of higher chances of winning per teacher).
  • The concept will be evaluated after the third run.

We as FSR welcome the concept and think it is very good to improve teaching at our faculty. However, such a teaching award is only meaningful if the survey is filled out numerously and truthfully until 22.07.2022. Therefore, we ask you for numerous participation! We hope that the quality of teaching at our faculty can be sustainably improved.