Participation in committees
Participation in committees

Participation in committees

The next semester is starting and a few changes in student representation go along with it. Both, replacements for existing committees and a say in the appointment of a new professorship, are looked for. Participation in committees is a good way to get actively involved in faculty decisions and to strive for the best for the studentship.

For a professorship to be filled in the field of train safety engineering, 2 student representatives are sought to take part in an appointment committee. Female applications are explicitly welcome. To enroll simply follow the link.

There is a vacancy for a student representative in the Study Commission for Verkehrswirtschaft until the end of the current legislative term.

In the Study Commission Verkehrsingenieurwesen the place of a student representative has to be filled until the end of the current legislative term.

There is a vacant student position on the Transportation Economics Examination Committee.

Also we are still looking for applications for a student coordinator in the field of aviation and logistics.

The delegation will take place at the meeting of the student council on 09.10.2023. If you want to be nominated, we would appreciate your attendance at this meeting.

If you have any questions about the work of one of the committees don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail ( or simply drop by our office in person.