Our contribution to Sustainability week

Our contribution to Sustainability week

From 17 – 28.06. the Sustainability Week will take place with lots of exciting programs around the topic of sustainability. Not only the environment should be the focus of this week, but also social sustainability.

We as FSR Transport and Traffic Sciences are also participating in this sustainability week.

We will present a walkmobile and interesting short information at the sustainability party on Friday (17.06.) and the sustainability breakfast on Monday (20.06.) as well as a bicycle tour on the topic of traffic planning of bicycle infrastructure on Wednesday (22.06.).

At the beginning of the sustainability week, particularly good or bad bike paths in Dresden will be collected during the sustainability breakfast and the sustainability party. We will develop a bike tour from this to visit these places on site. Join us and explore Dresden’s bike infrastructure.
Starting point is at 15:00 at the Mobipunkt in front of the Potthoffbau.

All further information about the sustainability week can be found here: https://fsr-verkehr.de/en/events/tu-it-now-sustainability-week-between-17-and-28-june/

We are looking forward to many participants!