Demonstration for the new version of the saxon Higher Education Act (sächsHSFG)

Demonstration for the new version of the saxon Higher Education Act (sächsHSFG)

Currently, the Saxon Higher Education Act (SächsHSFG) is being amended, i.e. rewritten and changed. This offers the opportunity to change and improve problematic or student-unfriendly passages. After all, the SächsHSFG regulates almost everything that affects us in our studies – from examination conditions or the compensation of disadvantages to the co-determination opportunities of students in university committees or the social responsibility of universities.

The Konferenz sächsischer Studierendenschaften (KSS), which includes members of our StuRa, has prepared a statement on the law and submitted it to the State Ministry of Science. In order to emphasize the demands contained therein, there will be a demonstration in front of the State Chancellery on Monday, 17.10.2022 from 16:00, in which members of the FSR Verkehr will also participate. The meeting point is at 15:45 at Carolaplatz.

The demonstration will take place under the name “Revolution Studium”. You can find the collected positions here. Among other things, they deal with the following points:

  • Unlimited examination attempts
  • Exclusion of compulsory attendance in courses
  • equal decision-making rights for all member groups of the university and greater influence of the students on the policies of the university
  • The abolition of all tuition fees
  • Mandatory development and evaluation of sustainability strategies for the university

The KSS is looking forward to a large attendance!