FSR election results online

FSR election results online

The results for the 2022 university elections have now been published. And thanks to you, we were able to achieve a great turnout of 33.4% and thus win second place among all student councils at the TU (if you only count the Dresden student councils, even first place 😉).

Of the 29 candidates, 20 were elected to the FSR by you:

  1. Hosea Winter, Dipl. VIW, 87 votes
  2. Sebastian Bumen, Dipl. VIW, 72 votes
  3. Nora Mendieta, Ma BSI, 69 votes
  4. Franziska Klatt, Ma EVS, 63 votes
  5. Lukas Bodi, Ma TEc, 62 votes
  6. Victor Nitzsche, Dipl. VIW, 50 votes
  7. Nils Basedow, Dipl. VIW, 48 votes
  8. Jakob Eichholz, Dipl. VIW, 40 votes
  9. Lea Marissa Neumann, Dipl. VIW, 38 votes
  10. Fabian Elias Rudolph, Dipl. VIW, 37 votes
  11. Nicolas Reuter, Ba VWI, 34 votes
  12. Oke Brandenburg, Dipl. VIW, 33 votes
  13. Maximilian Kittel, Ma BSI, 32 votes
  14. Andreas Thomas Schmidt-Brücken, Ma BSI, 31 votes
  15. Venkatesh Sreedhar, Ma EVS, 27 votes
  16. Tilman Syamken, Dipl. VIW, 27 votes
  17. Jacob Maximilian Kallert, Dipl. VIW, 22 votes
  18. Aaron Max Ebmeyer, Dipl. VIW, 20 votes
  19. Arthur Suckow, Dipl. VIW, 20 votes
  20. Johannes Elwert, Dipl. VIW, 19 votes

A detailed introduction of the new FSR members with their application text (unfortunately only in German) can be found here:

The StuRa has compiled the complete election results of all student representatives at the TU Dresden for you there.

We are very happy that we were able to win so many people for our important and great student council work and thank all candidates for their commitment. And of course, those who were not elected or did not stand for membership can and should also get involved with us. So feel free to come by and join us at any time!

The first meeting of the new FSR will be the constituent meeting on 09.01.2023, where we will again send all committee representatives. We have already compiled further information here.

Here’s to a good new legislature in 2023!