Office hours during the examination period

The FSR will again offer office hours during the examination period in WiSe 2022 to provide consultation, exam printing service and many other services. The opening hours are coordinated with the examination office of Transport Sciences, which is open during the lecture-free period on Tuesdays from 13:00 to 17:30 and on Thursdays from 09:00 to 11:00 by appointment.

The FSR office is guaranteed to be open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm during the core exam period, which is until 03/03. Feel free to drop by!

Of course you can still reach us by mail at

We wish you good luck for your exams and afterwards a nice semester break!

Physikpraktikum (VW-VI-104 / VW-VI-1104) this year in the summer semester

According to information from the examination office, the physics practical course for VIW students (VW-VI-104 / VW-VI-1104) takes place regularly in the summer semester since the new study regulations. Therefore, students according to the examination regulations DPO 2013 who have not yet completed the practical course should also take part in this course. It is expected that there will no longer be a physics practical as a repetition for students of the old examination regulations in winter semester 2023/24.

Enrolment for the physics practical course in the summer semester 2023 is possible until 05.04.2023 in this OPAL course.

Advanced Seminar Introduction for VIW-SYS and VIW-BAS

The introduction to the advanced seminar in the specialisation “Verkehrssystemtechnik und Logistik” and „Bahnsysteme“ will again take place in attendance this semester. The main seminar is module 371/671 and takes place as scheduled in the 8th semester.

Place: POT/06

Date: Tuesday, 31.01.2023

Time: 14:50 h until 16:20 h maximum

Please share this information with your fellow students who are affected by this event. Persons who cannot attend this event should contact Dr. Opitz.

Wegweiser Bachelor

Students of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Transport Economics must take focus modules from the 4th semester onwards. Three of the five possible specialisations must be selected.

So that you are well informed about the specialisations, there will be a Bachelor’s signposting on 19.01. at 11:10 a.m. in the POT 168 (Zeichensaal) and on 27.01. at 2:50 p.m. in the POT 151.

At the first event, the professors will inform you about the focal points of your degree programme.

At the second event, students will tell you about their experiences in the specialisations.

Both events will be held as hybrid events. This means that participants will be able to attend both from the university and via a BBB room.

Event at 19.01.2023:

Event at 27.01.2023:


On 19.01.2023, a discussion evening on the privileges of MIV will take place at 20:15 in POT 13. The event will discuss the current privileges of the MIV, necessary privileges and privileges that hinder the traffic turnaround. Furthermore, the chances and risks of a new distribution of traffic space between MIV traffic and the environmental alliance will be discussed.

The discussion will be introduced by a keynote speech. Nibbles will be provided, drinks can be purchased on site.


A summary of the event you found here.

On 19.01.2023, a discussion evening on the privileges of MIV will take place at 20:15 in POT 13. The event will discuss the current privileges of the MIV, necessary privileges and privileges that hinder the traffic turnaround. Furthermore, the chances and risks of a new distribution of traffic space between MIV traffic and the environmental alliance will be discussed.

The discussion will be introduced by a keynote speech. Nibbles will be provided, drinks can be purchased on site.

Merry Christmas!

Once again, the year is drawing to a close and the Christmas holidays are approaching. The FSR-Verkehr therefore wishes all students, employees and professors a merry and blessed Christmas season and a happy new year!

We are looking forward to being there for you again in the next term and to welcoming you in our FSR office as well as to organising many nice events and activities.

FSR election results online

The results for the 2022 university elections have now been published. And thanks to you, we were able to achieve a great turnout of 33.4% and thus win second place among all student councils at the TU (if you only count the Dresden student councils, even first place 😉).

Of the 29 candidates, 20 were elected to the FSR by you:

  1. Hosea Winter, Dipl. VIW, 87 votes
  2. Sebastian Bumen, Dipl. VIW, 72 votes
  3. Nora Mendieta, Ma BSI, 69 votes
  4. Franziska Klatt, Ma EVS, 63 votes
  5. Lukas Bodi, Ma TEc, 62 votes
  6. Victor Nitzsche, Dipl. VIW, 50 votes
  7. Nils Basedow, Dipl. VIW, 48 votes
  8. Jakob Eichholz, Dipl. VIW, 40 votes
  9. Lea Marissa Neumann, Dipl. VIW, 38 votes
  10. Fabian Elias Rudolph, Dipl. VIW, 37 votes
  11. Nicolas Reuter, Ba VWI, 34 votes
  12. Oke Brandenburg, Dipl. VIW, 33 votes
  13. Maximilian Kittel, Ma BSI, 32 votes
  14. Andreas Thomas Schmidt-Brücken, Ma BSI, 31 votes
  15. Venkatesh Sreedhar, Ma EVS, 27 votes
  16. Tilman Syamken, Dipl. VIW, 27 votes
  17. Jacob Maximilian Kallert, Dipl. VIW, 22 votes
  18. Aaron Max Ebmeyer, Dipl. VIW, 20 votes
  19. Arthur Suckow, Dipl. VIW, 20 votes
  20. Johannes Elwert, Dipl. VIW, 19 votes

A detailed introduction of the new FSR members with their application text (unfortunately only in German) can be found here:

The StuRa has compiled the complete election results of all student representatives at the TU Dresden for you there.

We are very happy that we were able to win so many people for our important and great student council work and thank all candidates for their commitment. And of course, those who were not elected or did not stand for membership can and should also get involved with us. So feel free to come by and join us at any time!

The first meeting of the new FSR will be the constituent meeting on 09.01.2023, where we will again send all committee representatives. We have already compiled further information here.

Here’s to a good new legislature in 2023!

Enrolment for membership of bodies for the 2023 legislature

As every year, after the student council elections, the committees for the next term will be filled at the constituent meeting of the student council on 9 January 2023. And as always, you are invited to stand for one of the various committees and offices, even and especially if you are not elected to the FSR.

Committees/offices to be filled:

  • StuRa representative and StuRa substitute representative (one person each)
  • Study Commission Verkehrsingenieurwesen, Bahnsystemingenieruwesen, Luftverkehr und Logistik and Elektrische Verkehrssysteme (six persons)
  • Study Commission Verkehrswirtschaft and Transportation Economics (six persons)
  • Examination Board Bahnsystemingenieurwesen (two persons)
  • Examination Board Elektrische Verkehrssysteme (two persons)
  • Examination Board Luftverkehr und Logistik (two persons)
  • Examination Board Transportation Economics (one person)
  • Examination Board Verkehrsingenieurwesen (one person)
  • Examination Board Verkehrswirtschaft Bachelor (one person)
  • Examination Board Verkehrswirtschaft Master (one person)
  • Institute Council Verkehrsplanung und Straßenverkehr (two persons)
  • Institute Council Wirtschaft und Verkehr (two persons)

In addition to this, you can also apply for the FSR spokesperson or finance office. However, you must be an elected FSR member.

Registration for these committees will take place again this year via OPAL. It is possible until 09.01.2023 at 7 pm (one hour before the start of the meeting). When you register, you will also find descriptions of the respective positions so that you can already see how the respective committees work and what they are responsible for.

For further information, we are always happy to help you in person at the FSR office or by e-mail.

We are looking forward to your candidatures!

Prof. Becker and Dr. Frank receive the first teaching award of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences!

On Faculty Day, the first Transportation Sciences Faculty Teaching Awards were presented.

The one for basic courses (VIW Grundstudium and Bachelor VWI) was awarded to Prof. Udo Becker for his course “Environment & Transport (Umwelt & Verkehr)”.

The one for advanced courses (VIW Hauptstudium and Master studies) was awarded to Dr. Stefan Frank for his course “Resource Management (Ressourcenmanagement)”.

We would like to thank both lecturers very much for their commitment to our faculty and are pleased that we were able to award the teaching prize to them this year. It is even nicer that both Prof. Becker and Dr. Frank have donated the prize money of 250€ to the Student Council, for which we thank them very much!

We would like to thank all of you students for your hard work in voting and writing explanations and the dean’s office for their support, e.g. in the faculty council.

The justifications in German for the awarding of the teaching prize can be found below:

Prof. Becker hat es in seiner Vorlesung „Umwelt & Verkehr“ geschafft, die fachrelevanten Inhalte mit humorvollen Spitzen darzustellen. Er bestach durch außerordentlich spannende und engagierte Vortragsweise und stellte seine Inhalte äußerst anschaulich und verständlich dar.

Die Lehrveranstaltung, deren Akzeptanz man auch am Besuch von Studierenden diverser anderer Studiengänge im Rahmen von Wahl- oder AQUA-Modulen beobachten konnte, ging weit über den Wortsinn „Vorlesung“ heraus. Der Dozent hat die Studierenden auf eine spannende und unterhaltsame Reise durch das Thema mitgenommen. In seinen Vorlesungen regte er die Studierenden zum Nachdenken an und wog dabei gekonnt verschiedene Positionen ab. Gegenwärtige verkehrspolitische Themen wurden dabei ebenso behandelt wie wichtige physikalische und chemische Grundlagen im Bereich der Ökologie.

Mit aktuellen Daten und Fakten legte Prof. Becker ausführlich und gleichzeitig verständlich dar, welchen Einfluss der Verkehr und damit unser Studiengebiet auf das Klima, die Gesellschaft und die Umwelt hat. Durch viele praxisrelevante Beispiele animierte er dazu, den eigenen Blickwinkel zu ändern und sein eigenes Verhalten zu überdenken. Dabei nahm er in jeglicher Hinsicht kein Blatt vor den Mund, um den Studierenden die politische und gesellschaftliche Bedeutung eines der wichtigsten Zukunftsthemen, nämlich dem Klimawandel und dessen Verhinderung, zu vermitteln.

Damit hat er einen außergewöhnlichen Beitrag zu unseren Verkehrsstudiengängen geleistet und somit den Lehrpreis unserer Fakultät für grundständige Lehre 2022 verdient.

Dr. Frank war in seiner Vorlesung „Ressourcenmanagement“ sehr engagiert und hat das Interesse an Fragestellungen insbesondere zu Onlineproblemen und dynamischen Einflüssen gesteigert. Jede Lehrveranstaltung wurde dabei in hybrider Form so durchgeführt, dass sowohl Studierende, die in Präsenz anwesend waren, als auch im Videocall zugeschaltete Studierende aktiv an der Vorlesung bzw. der Übung teilnehmen konnten.

In der Lehrveranstaltung brachte er vielfältige Aspekte aus der Verkehrslogistik ein und gab einen umfassenden Überblick über Problemstellungen, um anschließend viel Zeit zu investieren, mit jedem einzelnen Studierenden gemeinsam an einem konkreten Thema für Hausarbeiten zu arbeiten und Lösungen zu entwickeln. Er stand dabei den Studierenden bei Rückfragen immer, auch außerhalb der vorgesehenen Wochenstunden des Moduls, zur Verfügung. 

In der Vorlesung gab es aus jeder Vertiefung immer wieder passende Beispiele, die die Theorie veranschaulichten, was insbesondere deshalb sinnvoll war, da es sich um ein Wahlpflichtmodul aus verschiedenen Studiengängen und Vertiefungsrichtungen handelte.
Bemerkenswert war des Weiteren, dass er seine Vorlesung zusätzlich freiwillig vom ZiLL evaluieren ließ, um ein Feedback für seine Lehre zu bekommen.

Aufgrund dieses außerordentlichen Engagements möchten wir den Lehrpreis unserer Fakultät für weiterführende Lehre im Jahr 2022 an Dr. Frank vergeben.