Schwarzes Brett

Penta-Games 2024

On 15 May 2024, it is time for the next Penta Games, who will be the first after a break of several years.

There you will play together in small groups against each other in five different games. These games are similar to a pub quiz: for example, you might have to recognise a city from a picture of a train station, motorway junction or airport, but you could also be asked for estimates and there might be rounds of questions that are not related to traffic.

You can come in groups or be form a group with other students on site. The event will take place on 15 May from 8pm in POT/081. Drinks and snacks will be provided for a small fee.

TUD Lectures: „Hochautomatisiertes Fahren – ein Beitrag zur Inklusion im Bereich Mobilität“ am 9. April

Insbesondere in ländlichen Regionen eröffnen sich durch hochautomatisiertes Fahren zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, die Teilhabe an Mobilität zu verbessern. Doch wie müssen Netzwerke, Infrastrukturen und Fahrzeuge gestaltet …