FSR Verkehr

Penta-Games 2024

On 15 May 2024, it is time for the next Penta Games, who will be the first after a break of several years.

There you will play together in small groups against each other in five different games. These games are similar to a pub quiz: for example, you might have to recognise a city from a picture of a train station, motorway junction or airport, but you could also be asked for estimates and there might be rounds of questions that are not related to traffic.

You can come in groups or be form a group with other students on site. The event will take place on 15 May from 8pm in POT/081. Drinks and snacks will be provided for a small fee.


Wegweiser Bachelor

Students of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Transport Economics must take focus modules from the 4th semester onwards. Three of the five possible specialisations must be selected.

So that you are well informed about the specialisations, there will be a Bachelor’s signposting on 19.01. at 11:10 a.m. in the POT 168 (Zeichensaal) and on 27.01. at 2:50 p.m. in the POT 151.

At the first event, the professors will inform you about the focal points of your degree programme.

At the second event, students will tell you about their experiences in the specialisations.

Both events will be held as hybrid events. This means that participants will be able to attend both from the university and via a BBB room.

Event at 19.01.2023:

Event at 27.01.2023:


ContactFair Transport 2022

Move your future! Internship, student job or dream job – no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at KontaktMesse Verkehr 2022! Spätverkehr will transform our POT into a trade fair hall on 10.11.2022 from 10.30 a.m., where you can meet over 30 potential employers. Come along and move your future.

Highlights of KMV 2022:

  • Fit for the application: Have your application documents checked at the fair by the professionals from the Career Service. This way, your application is guaranteed not to end up in the (digital) wastepaper basket.
  • Over 30 companies: Whether by rail, air or road – our exhibitors are everywhere and you can explore your prospects directly.

For more information, visit spaetverkehr.de/kmv.


Studying transport and traffic – What else!

Yes, you can study transport and traffic! Studyng transport and traffic at TU Dresden is versatile, exciting and future-oriented. Whether it’s climate protection, sustainability, liveable cities and communities or innovative technologies – you want to help shaping things and not just drive along? Then studying transport and traffic is just the right thing for you!

With these words and the new marketing film shown publicly for the first time on Uni Day 2022, our faculty will be promoting transport sciences at TU-Dresden in the future.

We as FSR-Verkehr are very pleased that we were able to support this great project in cooperation with the dean’s office and hope that the new marketing film is a building block to make our faculty more attractive and visible for new students.


Universitäts- und Fachschaftsratwahlen

Wie in jedem Jahr finden im Herbst die Universitätswahlen statt. Diese wird wie letztes Jahr als reine Briefwahl stattfinden. Dazu seid ihr alle herzlich eingeladen, als Kandidat*in für ein oder sogar mehrere Gremien anzutreten, zum Beispiel wenn du für den FSR kandidieren möchtest. Die wichtigsten Eckdaten hier nochmal kurz zusammengefasst:

  • Beantragung der Unterlagen bis 05.11.2021 unter https://selfservice.zih.tu-dresden.de/l/index.php/briefwahlunterlagen/
  • Einreichung Wahlvorschläge (Kandidatur) bis 01.11.2021, 15 Uhr (Fakultätsrat, Bereichsrat, Senat)
  • Einreichung Wahlvorschläge (Kandidatur) bis 02.11.2021, 15 Uhr (Fachschaftsrat)
  • gewählt wird
    • der Fachschaftsrat
    • studentischen Mitglieder im Fakultätsrat
    • studentische Mitglieder im Bereichsrat
    • studentische Mitglieder im Senat und erweiterte Senat
    • der/die Gleichstellungsbeauftragte

Hintergrundinformationen zur Wahl findet ihr auf https://www.stura.tu-dresden.de/wahl_allgemein.